"Since putting our horses on Ahiflower we have noticed a marked improvement in suppleness and flexibility in their work, their coats are shining and horses who struggled to concentrate are more focused on their work. Ahiflower helps us and our horses to perform to our best!" - Sam D., UK

"We have been trialling Ahiflower Equine Omegas for the past few months and been really impressed the results. The horses are supple and focused on their work. It has been the most important change we have made to their feed and nutrition. We liked it so much we have started taking it ourselves!" - D&L Performance Horses

"We have used Ahiflower extensively and have been extremely impressed with the results." - Alex H., UK

“We really saw a difference with the older and stiffer horses. Elizabeth (age 24) and Lexus (age 25) markedly moved more smoothly during the trial period and were not nearly as stiff as they normally are. Their beautiful shiny coats were just a bonus.” - Barbara K., Barn Manager, North Carolina

I currently run a livery yard and have around 60 horses in livery, as well as training point to pointers. Ahiflower was recommended to me as a new dietary supplement. I put three horses on Ahiflower joint supplement and the results were great. Horses that pulled out stiff before were 10 times better, I also noticed improvements in their wellness and general overall health. My liveries have also started to use Ahiflower and every day I notice improvements. Ahiflower is a unique Omega 3 anti-inflammatory joint supplement that works! - Sarah L., UK