Q: I’ve never heard of Ahiflower® Equine oil before. What is it?

A: Ahiflower Equine oil is a new plant-based omega-3-6-9 oil that comes from seeds of a plant whose botanical name is Buglossoides arvensis. Ahiflower oil has a similar consistency to flaxseed or camelina oils, but it is much more biologically active due to its unique omega-3-6-9 fatty acid composition. Ahiflower Equine oil is vegan (not from fish!), non-GMO, and fully traceable to the UK farms where the oilseed crop was grown.


Q: I currently use flaxseed oil and/or fish oil as an omega-3 supplement for my horse(s). Why should I switch to Ahiflower Equine oil?

A: In a recent clinical study with race horses in Canada, horses who consumed Ahiflower oil for 10 weeks had up to 10x better omega-3 EPA and DHA conversion than horses who consumed flaxseed oil. Further, the race horses consuming Ahiflower oil had notably better anti-inflammatory biomarkers than horses consuming flaxseed oil. The study was conducted at the University of Prince Edward Island’s Atlantic Veterinary College. Since Ahiflower Equine oil is not from from fish, horse owners who switch from cod liver or other fish oils to Ahiflower Equine oil will save approximately 750 x 100-gram oily fish (like sardines, anchovies, or mackerel) for every 1 liter of Ahiflower Equine oil they give to their horses.


Q: I’m not currently using any omega-3 feed supplement for my horse(s). How can I tell if my horse may benefit from taking Ahiflower Equine oil?

A: Many active and retired horses experiencing post-exercise stiffness, joint/muscle strain, respiratory allergies and/or skin challenges are recommended to try omega-3 supplementation. In horses and humans alike, omega-3 deficiency prolongs exercise recovery time and suppresses a healthy immune response. Ahiflower oil has been shown to convert to omega-3 EPA and DHA in horses far more efficiently than flaxseed oil. Ahiflower Equine oil supports your horse’s natural post-exercise response for improved mobility and suppleness, while also supporting wonderful skin health and coat luster. Check out our growing list of positive testimonials here!


Q: Does Ahiflower Equine oil contain any banned substances?

A: No! Every master batch of Ahiflower Equine oil is independently 3rd party tested for banned or performance-enhancing substances in international competition. There are no banned substances in Ahiflower Equine oil. Further, no competition horses taking Ahiflower Equine oil have ever tested positive for banned metabolites in their blood. Click on this link for a sample 3rd party testing certificate for Ahiflower Equine oil.


Q; Where does AhiflowerEquine oil come from?

A: All Ahiflower oilseed crop is grown in the UK Each Ahiflower crop harvest is managed by our own trained agronomists under contract with an elite group of independent small farmers like Simon Parrish. Each batch of Ahiflower Equine oil is fully traceable to the UK farms where the oilseed was grown and backed by NCI’s CropAssured365® seal for quality, purity, and identity. You cannot buy a higher-quality plant-based omega feed supplement for your horse.

Q: How much mint oil is used in Ahflower Complete Equine Omegas?

A: We add 1% by weight natural mint oil to our equine Ahiflower oil. This is equivalent to about 9 grams mint oil per 1 liter of equine Ahiflower oil or about 27-54 mg mint oil per 30-60 ml (6-12 tsp) daily ration. We add this solely to improve palatability for horses and not for any therapeutic purpose—and horses love it!


Q: What is the mint oil made from?

A: The mint oil is a proprietary blend of human food-grade mint extracts combined into non-GMO soy oil. The product is Kosher certified.

Q: How palatable is Ahiflower Equine oil?

A: Very! Ahiflower oil by itself has a very clean, neutral flavor. We add a small amount of natural mint flavor and horses universally love it!


Q: Can I take Ahiflower Equine oil myself—is it “human” grade?

A: Ahiflower Equine oil is made from human-grade Ahiflower oil and packaged in an FDA certified facility. You could certainly consume Ahiflower Equine oil (up to 1 tsp/day) but we recommend the more convenient Ahiflower vegan softgels or the new OhMeGa! breakfast smoothie emulsions instead!


Q: Can I give Ahiflower Equine oil safely to pregnant or nursing mares?

A: We recommend that you consult with your veterinarian before giving any omega-3 supplement to a pregnant or nursing mare.

Q: Can I give my dog Ahiflower oil?

Ahiflower Equine Omegas or “human” Ahiflower oil (softgels or liquid) will be fine to give to dogs. Palatability of the equine oil will depend on whether a dog likes natural mint flavor—some dogs will and some may not. We suggest mixing Ahiflower® oil into your dog’s wet food and/or dry food with a little water added to emulsify the oil. For a dog’s daily dosing we would recommend 1/4 tsp (1.25 ml) for every 20-25 lbs body weight or 1 softgel (750 mg) for every 15 lbs body weight.  

Note that domestic cats lack the delta-6 desaturase liver enzyme for metabolizing omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore we do not recommend giving Ahiflower oil to cats.

Q: Is there a shelf life?

A: Yes. Ahiflower Equine oil has a lot number and a Best Before date on the side or bottom of the bottle. The Ahiflower lot number is a traceable reference to the UK crop origins of each master batch. While we do not guarantee the quality of Ahiflower oil beyond the Best Before date, as with many non-perishable consumer products, crossing this date does not automatically mean the product is unsafe. Our Best Before date signifies when the product may no longer meet all our exacting standards for oil quality, flavor, and aroma. Therefore please consume it within 6-8 weeks of opening and store out of direct sunlight in a cool dark place. Ahiflower Equine oil does not require refrigeration.


Q: How should I store Ahiflower?

A: Ahiflower oil should be stored on a shelf in a cool place in your feed room away from direct sunlight.  


Q: I left the lid off my Ahiflower oil bottle overnight. Is it still good to use?

A: Yes, it should be fine. Keeping the bottle closed helps to limit the product’s exposure to oxygen. Check the product’s odor before using it—if it has a rancid or noticeably fishy odor then discontinue using that bottle.  


Q: I left my Ahiflower in the car and it’s been warm lately. Is the product still ok?

A: If the Ahiflower oil bottle has not been opened it should be fine, however prolonged hot conditions can cause a partially-used product to oxidize more rapidly. Check the product’s odor before using it—if it has a rancid or noticeably fishy odor then discontinue using that bottle.


Q: Who can I contact with questions about proper storage, handling, or other technical concerns?

A: One of our technical support members should be able to help you. Please contact us by e-mail (support@ahiflower.com) or call the toll free number on your Ahiflower Equine oil product label.

Q: How long will my order take to arrive?

A: In the USA and Canada, all orders received are shipped by UPS Ground within 24 hours from our warehouse in Ohio. In the UK and EU, all orders received are shipped by Royal Mail 2nd Class recorded, or Royal Mail International Tracked within 48 hours from our facility in Yorkshire. Typical surface delivery times will apply, including allowances for international border crossings.