Supports: Exercise Recovery • Joints • Cardiovascular Health • Muscles • Coat Lustre

All horses demand omega nutrition for optimal physical response.

Horses evolved to get their daily omegas through fresh pasture grazing, not fish sources. Ahiflower oil is a safe, balanced, and superior plant-seed omega 3-6-9 supplement oil backed by clinical trial data in performance horses. Grown entirely from non-GMO crops in the UK, Ahiflower oil is fully traceable, pure, and highly palatable. Horse owners seeking a complete omega to improve exercise recovery, joint and ligament health, coat lustre, and stress responsiveness choose Ahiflower!



"We have been trialling Ahiflower Equine Omegas for the past few months and been really impressed the results. The horses are supple and focused on their work. It has been the most important change we have made to their feed and nutrition. We liked it so much we have started taking it ourselves!" 

D&L Performance Horses

Ahiflower oil is not just for horses.

It's also a great source of omega 3, 6, and 9 for you!